food for thought 

food for thought 


What a year it has been. In just 12 short months we have seen our community grow from six to now well over 150 global members alongside an expanding client portfolio of diverse and impactful challenges. We have learnt so much, but remain ever-curious about the future of work, life and learning.

At Six Ideas we love new adventures. And drones modelling designer handbags. And tea. But mostly adventures. Here’s a brief tumble down the rabbit-hole to share with you a few of our most curious ‘client adventures’ from 2017…


Pfizer believes “innovation comes from working in partnership with others”. So, naturally we were thrilled that one of our first client adventures would be to partner with one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies as they charted a course to envision their future Sydney head office. Pfizer Australia’s executive team knew they needed a workplace fit to tackle the dynamic future of pharma, reflect their values and aspirations, and improve the wellness of Pfizer’s people.

And if you think that sounds like a tall order, how about moving house after 60 years in West Ryde! Once the workplace strategy was set, Six Ideas also conducted comprehensive appraisals of the six shortlisted buildings. So, what was the final pick-of-the-bunch you ask?

Watch video to discover where Pfizer has decided to move to.

Through deep research and discovery with people across the organisation, an agile workplace was agreed as the solution to help deliver on Pfizer’s business imperatives to patients, community, colleagues and the environment.

Shout-out to the rockstar Six Ideas team in Milan for preparing test fits for the building shortlist - a great intercontinental collaboration. Sei un mito!


Being a “people-focused organisation” is a cultural aspiration many organisations dream of truly achieving. But how do you know when you get there? Four years ago, we began working together with City of Casey on what began as the “New Ways” workplace program. Today, this has evolved into an all-encompassing digital transformation strategy. As one of the largest and fastest growing local governments in Australia, Casey is one of our most exciting and rewarding assignments to date.

The Six Ideas and City of Casey team were challenged to create a workplace that would support Casey’s drive for innovation in customer service. Some of our favourite highlights:

  • Working with the steering committee to develop the workplace model (full agile);
  • Creating and enacting the workplace strategy;
  • The creation of the ViBE Experience Centre that all staff spent four weeks at a time in;
  • Seeing 850 people move in and love it, despite the fact we only planned for 720 people! 

Bunjil Place, which was designed by FJMT, is an amazing success story… but don’t take our word for it….

We believe the proof of success is in the pudding, and by pudding we mean City of Casey being recognised as finalists in both the Australian HR Awards and the IPAA Victoria Awards. Our thanks and congratulations go out to our amazing client, Sally Curtain and her equally amazing team including Caz, Daniel, Sharyn, Wayne and many others.

And our adventure isn’t over yet…we’re now working on the next stage… the Casey Workplace Strategy 2.0 (*jaw drop*).


It’s not every day that you get asked to envision the “workplace of the future”, and even rarer when it’s for an organisation full of kick-ass scientists. Challenge accepted! And what’s even better we have had the opportunity to do it for a world-renowned client: the CSIRO in Australia.

The CSIRO project represented a challenging shift for staff used to workplaces with an abundance of private offices. Seeking greater interaction and collaboration, the new environment is a substantially open one, with a focus on shared collaborative and interactive spaces. Our role was both in change management, and to conceive, operate and evaluate an “experience centre” prototype to demo the new workplace and seek staff feedback. After four years in the making, the new Synergy workplace opened on December 1st, 2017 with over 500 scientists moving in to a truly “next generation” scientific environment. 

Geek-out about the CSIRO project here...

We are now working on the second phase of the Black Mountain Consolidation Project, where a redundant laboratory building will be repurposed for office space. In the spirit of innovation this environment will be geared for activity-based working.

(OK, so no hoverboards in CSIRO workplace yet…but that got your attention, didn’t it?)


We relish opportunities to work with our Six Ideas colleagues overseas, but THIS project really has the Six Ideas team buzzing. A leading global online organisation offered us the challenge of helping them power their expansion through the UK and Europe, using workplace strategy as the vehicle. Our entire global team is involved drawing on brainpower from collaborators across the UK, Germany, Italy and Australia.

The project is multi-(multi)faceted – developing a workplace toolkit and then guiding its implementation in multiple countries. We can’t tell you much about them but we are really valuing the opportunity to help them and learning loads along the way.