Our adventures

The nature of work and learning continues to change, further accelerated by developments in technology. We have never been in an era that shifts so fast, but never will it ever be so slow again.

Exploring opportunities that arise through change, we cultivate creative thinking to achieve new possibilities in transforming work and learning.

Our clients engage us to help them imagine what the future may bring and develop solutions to meet their aspirations for organisational transformation.

Some of our recent adventures are...

...with corporates across many sectors:

  • embedded with a major financial institution as they experiment in translating business opportunity and culture into a property strategy for their next generation workplace

  • helping a global insurance organisation consolidate their operation in two cities, transitioning their people to a more agile environment

  • helping a leading global online retailer transform workplaces across Europe, Australia and the US, to provide the best experience for their people

  • developing a workplace strategy for Pfizer Australia that prepares them to lead into the future

  • supporting a major Irish financial institution start their introductory transformation to an agile working framework for their Dublin HQ

  • supporting workplace change for the consolidation of a global news organisation

  • developing a change program for the implementation of new technology solutions for a major real estate provider across APAC

  • helping a financial sector organisation make the shift to a dynamic work environment

  • designing a program to engender new work behaviours for a media conglomerate in SE Asia

...and government organisations:

  • developing a workplace change strategy for a New Zealand Government Department as they use a temporary relocation and redevelopment to transition to new ways of working

  • supporting the National Measurement Institute as it seeks to consolidate and explore a generational change to its ways of working.

  • helping WISE Employment create a more collaborative and community spirited workplace for a flexible workforce

  • supporting two NSW Government Departments, transition to an agile work model

  • generating a 25 year masterplan for the Australian Parliament House in Canberra

  • developing a requirements brief for the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Australia

...for learning and research environments:

  • preparing accommodation masterplans for Macquarie University

  • assisting Australia’s premier research organisation the CSIRO to implement next generation workplaces

  • developing the strategic brief for a new Health and Medical Research Building at Flinders University

  • conceiving next generation learning and teaching environments at Monash University and the University of Melbourne

  • advising the implementation of new ways of working for the Melbourne School of Engineering, University of Melbourne.

  • collaborating on planning for Sydney’s very first high-rise school

  • supporting new workplace strategies for a major metropolitan hospital in Sydney

  • engaging stakeholders in developing a new masterplan for James Cook University

  • advisory for the strategic development board of Bonn international school